Pilates & Life Coaching

Getting Started

Where do you start?

Preparation for your Pilates group classes or for a one-on-one Reformer programme is essential to understanding the basic principles and system of Pilates. It also sets the foundation for sound technique and provides a more effective and appreciative knowledge base for achieving positive results from your programme.

You will begin with an assessment where Pam will clarify your needs and goals. An assessment provides both you and your instructor with important information about your body condition and general well-being.

Your posture, strength, flexibility and general functional fitness will be evaluated. Based on this and your health history, your Pilates programme can be fine-tuned to meet your needs and help you reach your goals much sooner and with greater efficiency.

To establish a good foundation in Pilates, Pam recommends at least one private session followed by at least four or more private or group mat orientation sessions. Following this, there is a choice of the following available sessions:
• Private or semi-private Sessions, with or without the reformer and other specialised equipment.
• Instructor-led groups – Beginners to Advanced.
• You can co-ordinate your own group of 4 to 10 people.

The sessions are 50 minutes duration.

Please note: Aerobic fitness and Stretch programmes are available on request and depending on demand.

What is the difference between a mat-based group workout and private equipment based workout?

Mat-based Group workouts are usually done in scheduled group classes. Classes are small and personalised to allow for a fair amount of individual attention and exercise options. A variety of small props are used to add variety, assistance or resistance to the workouts. In considering its potential appeal within the community, the cost of attending group sessions has been fine-tuned to be affordable and a worthwhile option for attaining excellent results.

Private equipment based workouts are more expensive but offer an individualised programme to meet the specific needs of the client. The equipment currently offered in private sessions are Reformers, Jump boards, Exo-Chair and Pilates Arcs. The use of these machines is highly versatile and facilitates balanced strength and flexibility while targeting core conditioning. The larger equipment uses springs for resistance, providing gradual resistance as your muscles contract, ensuring an effective but safe workout for the musculature, and placing more emphasis on the outer limbs. It accommodates a broad spectrum of clients, from rehab to athlete.

How often should you do Pilates?

Attending 2-4 classes per week should be adequate to trigger changes in the body within 10-12 sessions. This will depend on the individual and other factors, such as the initial condition of the client and the amount and combination of other structured weekly activities. Ultimately, the best results are obtained by combining equipment and group mat work sessions; for example, one or two private and 2 or 3 group sessions per week.

Weekly Group Schedule

AM and PM classes are run on a regular basis and include Beginner to Advanced level.

Class Description

Mat Orientation/ Essential Level: This programme is a system of basic exercises and explanations designed for beginners to Pilates. Individual attention and options are optimised in these sessions to provide a good foundation for progression to the regular classes.

Mixed level: This class is for clients who have completed their mat orientation and are able to join in with the more experienced clients. The format of the class includes graded exercise options from essential to advanced level. It is a great format that helps motivate and integrate beginners into a more progressive programme.

Rhythmic Intermediate: The exercises are executed with music in rhythm and combo. This is a much more challenging workout that demands knowledge of the basic moves, a little more speed, and good technique.

Bosu and Roller: An Intermediate, progressing to Advanced format that uses more challenging equipment, with the main focus on core strength and stability.

Fat Free Step: A brilliantly fun and very effective workout for expending calories and improving cardiovascular fitness. This is a good one to add to your weekly quota of cardio!