In The Box offers you an individualised programme that focuses on healthy weight loss and fitness over a period of three months. This time period is essential to initiate the development of new habits by creating and managing change through shifts in thinking. With special attention to Exercise and Lifestyle Management Skills, as well as a Personalised Food and Diet programme, this concept embodies …


In The Box provides you with everything you need to know to fulfil your health and well being needs while you live your regular daily life.The opportunity to adopt new lifestyle habits in your own ‘real’ environment without disrupting your daily routine.

The Concept
In the Box represents a safe and contained environment whereby you can experience and practice new ways of being while being supported and guided by a team of experts. It acts as a ‘humanistic’ container in that it embodies a multidimensional approach to ‘wellness’.

In the Box is not only about the physical but also includes the cultivation of internal shifts in thinking that becomes the essence of lifestyle changes.

The Development of ‘In The Box’
The concept of ‘In The Box’ evolved as a result of Pam’s overriding aspiration to promote the ongoing benefits of Mind and Body fitness, and more particularly, to fulfill the needs of each individual to become his or her very best.

Through Pam’s experience in the field of both body and mind fitness, she felt that there was a need and demand to provide an all-inclusive supportive environment. In this way it would allow those individuals, willing to commit to change, to replace poor habits with positive choices within the enclave of their regular normal daily routine and home environment.

“The idea is to teach individuals to translate what they learn into doing without isolating their normal daily routine; And furthermore, to provide a nurturing environment to encourage independence and accountability.

According to Pam, it is not about the physical shifts,
(for example, the weight loss and improved strength and fitness), but more importantly, it is about the mental shift that is required to create long term changes in habits and behavior: This she believes is the key to creating Balance, Control and Choice in one’s life.