Pilates & Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a thought provoking and creative process that assists in empowering individuals to achieve their best.

Based on the premise that the individual is naturally creative and resourceful, the role of the coach is to observe objectively and practise astute listening skills; be a sounding board to foster shifts in thinking that reveal fresh perspectives; challenge blind spots in order to illuminate new viewpoints and support the creation of alternative scenarios.

Coaching is forward moving and future focused and accommodates people from all walks of life.

Some of the benefits of coaching:
• Improves quality of life
• Facilitates stress reduction and time management
• Removes the clutter and simplifies life
• Restores balance and ease
• Facilitates clear and accurate thinking that encourages pro-active change

How does it work?
Based on proven techniques and grounded in psychologically based theoretical models, specialized skills are utilised to facilitate the client’s progress. Psychological blocks are consequently removed, creating positive and constructive change.

A professional coach helps clarify one’s thinking, and assists in revealing accuracy of thinking that might be obscured by limiting assumptions. It is not the task of the coach to give advice, but rather the revelation of the client’s inner awareness that forges a new pathway with conviction, clarity of thought, empowerment, better self-knowledge and confidence.

Why do it?
Contrary to popular belief, highly motivated individuals and high achievers from all walks of life make use of Life Coaching as a tool to enhance their mental and physical well-being.

Life Coaching is available to all who desire change and growth within themselves.

Pam’s Coaching Model

Grounded in a positive humanistic philosophy, Pam’s model is multi-dimensional. She uses a selection of compatible theoretical concepts to allow for flexibility of approach -
• Humanistic: We, as human beings, have the reflexive ability for autonomous choice to change
• Scientific: Behaviour is the product of our emotional and cognitive functioning
• Constructionist: We have the ability to construct our own lives
• Psychodynamic: The influence of the unconscious on our behaviour and well-being

Pam’s objectives and outcomes are succinctly summed up in the following statement:
“Implicit in my coaching is the notion that we, as human beings, have the reflective ability for autonomous choice to change. However, our behaviour, to the contrary, is the result of assumptions generated over a lifetime of events, conditions and attitudes in our life. By removing our untrue limiting assumptions, through the thinking environment provided by coaching, we are able to free our thinking and establish new beliefs about what is possible in our lives. The quality and of everything we do is a result of our thinking. I identify my coaching outcomes as being able to provide clarity, independence, empowerment and fulfilment. In essence, my hope is to re-ignite the passion and excitement of life ‘joie de vivre’ through creating change, self-discovery and realizing potential”.